Product description: Is possibly be the most revolutionary and yet the simplest car care protection product available! This spray-on, rinse-off long term silica sealant, provides durable UV & chemical protection while adding gloss, slickness, and jaw-dropping water repellent (hydrophobic) properties to vehicle surfaces.

Product Benefits: Quickly add durable protection to your vehicle after a thorough wash, with a spray on rinse off sealant! Can be applied to all exterior surfaces: painted, plastic, glass, rubber, wheels, etc. Save time and money opposed to traditional waxes and sealants.

Durability: 3 months + @ 1:8 dilution

Common Uses: All vehicle exterior surfaces and wheels. Paint, plastic, glass, convertible tops, wheels, calipers — everything can be protected with Water Glass!

Warnings: DO NOT apply Water Glass to hot surfaces, this will cause streaking which is difficult to remove. DO NOT allow Water Glass to dwell for longer than 30 seconds or to dry on surfaces.


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